Safety Candle Shells



HELIOTRON Safety Candle Shells

The versatile candle that is guaranteed to never drip and makes your everyday work much easier!
Our product advantages compared to conventional candles:

  • Longer burning time
  • cleanliness
  • Goes out if you fall over.
  • Low costs per burning hour.
  • Odorless.

HELIOTRON eternal burners are available with a burn time of up to 45 hours. Candles that have been used up to now, on the other hand, burn down after a few hours and have to be replaced.
This usually requires extensive cleaning of the candlesticks. This time-consuming work is no longer necessary with the HELIOTRON permanent safety candle! The permanent safety candle does not drip and always looks like new. Therefore it is particularly suitable as a procession, apostle or acolyte candle.


A note for the undertakers: After the candles have been extinguished, there is no need to wait for the wax to cool, but the candles can be packed almost immediately.

The candles can be supplied in white or ivory. The ivory-colored candles are available with a diameter of 4, 5, 6 and 8 cm, and the white candles also have a diameter of 10 cm. 

When ordering a candle, the safety cover, which can be reordered individually, is included. The lamp oil is housed in a so-called Ewigbrenner®. The fill level can be recognized from the outside, as the housing of the Ewigbrenner® is transparent.

A cylinder or tulip-shaped windbreak glass can also be ordered as an add-on.

In our shop we offer the candles in the most frequently requested heights. On request, we can also deliver special sizes between 8 and 70 cm, depending on the diameter. We are also happy to check how we can adapt our candles to your existing candlesticks. We are happy to help.

Safety Candle Shells, white

Safety Candle Shells, white

HELIOTRON color white

Safety Candle Shells, ivory

Safety Candle Shells, ivory

HELIOTRON color ivory

Accessories Safety Candle Shells

Accessories Safety Candle Shells

HELIOTRON Safety Candel Shell accessories

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