CEABIS Distributor


LAVABIS® GmbH is the distributor for CEABIS® articles since January 1st, 2020.

The articles that have had the greatest demand in Germany to date are already included in the www.lavabis.de web shop or are being added successively. We strive to have the items in stock in Hamburg in order to offer a short delivery time and low transport costs. We advise you on all products, whether it is a dissection table or the establishment of a complete hygiene room including a cooling chamber.

The articles that have not yet been added to the web shop, but you can find in the CEABIS® catalog we also can deliver. We will be pleased to process your inquiries quickly. On demand, we will send you the current CEABIS® catalog.

CEABIS® is one of the leading companies in the medical cooling industry, for equipping anatomical and pathological rooms in clinics, institutes, crematoriums and funeral homes as well as for the manufacture and sale of articles for the hygiene and decoration of a funeral.

The wide range of products that CEABIS® can offer its customers can be divided into two large areas.

  • Material and equipment for the installation of anatomical rooms and morgues
    In this area, the strength of CEABIS® lies in the provision of the complete service from advice and construction to installation, including technical support and maintenance.
  • Medical and funeral articles
    The entire product range for each phase of the funeral service from the takeover, transport, storage, preparation, possibly restoration and presentation of the deceased to funeral, exhumation or cremation.

Find categories with CEABIS® articles here:

Prep room
Urns and casket accessories
Working tools
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