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We are a retailer for funeral homes, embalmers, thanatopractitioners, thanatologists, and pathologists.

The LAVABIS funeral supply product portfolio includes sets and single products, like

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Product no.: LA201804

LAVABIS Spring cleaning 2018:

Can be ordered from 15.4.2018 - 15.5.2018.

Old price = 21.60 €
16.95 € *
Delivery weight: 1,150 g


Product no.: WS180602
175.00 € *
Product no.: OR003108

oro® B45 high-speed disinfection, 125 ml-bottle with spray head
Aldehyde-free, ready for use solution for the fast effective wiping or spraying disinfection and cleaning of sensitive surfaces.

Disinfection for your Smartphone. 

Old price = 3.25 €
2.95 € *
Delivery weight: 150 g
1 l = 3.69 €
Product no.: LH002901

desmila® care b skin cream, 100 ml tube

Fast absorbing skin protection cream with beeswax.

2.50 € *
Delivery weight: 110 g
Product no.: TE001711

Test set BLACK consisting of:

++ TRIAL ++

0.00 € *
Delivery weight: 50 g
Product no.: LA001103

Book "Restorative Art"

A manual for undertakers
by Ulrike Maenner-Hartung.
52 illustrations, 50 pages, German
3. new revised edition, 2017.

22.00 € *
Product no.: LA000217

LAVABIS product catalog 2017/2018
(format DIN A5, in German, 212 pages)
protective charge

We will additionally send you in the value of the product catalog a purchase coupon for accounting with your next online purchase.

The online version for browsing and for downloading can be found here: LAVABIS online Produktkatalog 2017/2018 (in German)

8.40 € *
Product no.: LA000301

Current safety data sheets of the products as a *.PDF file via e-mail

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