Deceased disinfection

Deodorant and preserving spray for embalmment

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Product no.: CD000114

Orifice Guard disinfectant and embalming spray, Index 0
473 ml-bottle (16 US fl oz-bottle)

Deodorizing and preserving standard embalming spray

Likewise order the suitable spray button for the product (Product-No.: CZ000114 with your first order.

12.35 *
Delivery weight: 610 g
1 l = 26.11 €

can be shipped within 5 - 8 days (*)

Product no.: VA000601

473 ml bottle (16 US fl oz)

Pre- and Co-Injection fluid
Tissue gas, vermin infestation

12.55 *
Delivery weight: 510 g
1 l = 26.53 €

can be shipped within 3 - 5 days (*)

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Deceased disinfection.