Sets of skin protection

Product advantages:

  • Particularly tailored skin protection set for the needs of undertakers' hands. 
  • Contains all necessary implements for your daily systematic skin protection: 
    • preventive skin protection, 
    • gentle and on the degrees of the contamination co-ordinated skin cleaning, 
    • regenerating skin care, 
    • hand disinfection to avoid infections. 
  • Works against skin-endangering materials, humidity back-up and skin softening as well as bacteria, funghi and viruses. 
  • Inactivates the influenza and Covid-19 exciter. 
  • In handy packing sizes for daily use.

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Product no.: HY001103

Contents of LAVABIS® Disinfection set Basic:

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Product no.: HY001005

Contents of LAVABIS® Skin protection + disinfection set Optimum:

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